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Alauna One - Maryport Harbour Vision  


Iteriad are currently working with the Maryport Harbour and Marine Authority on a new vision for the harbour area.

The vision is to create a brand new riverside harbour village called AlaunaOne. Historically, the name Alauna dates back to Roman times and literally means Maryport.


Alauna was once one of the most important strategic Roman fortifications at the end of Hadrian’s Wall defending the estuary of the River Ellen. 

This vision aims to:

  • Act as a catalyst for regeneration of the whole area

  • Revitalise the retail offer with a strong connection with Senhouse Street

  • Create a new mixed residential community

  • Create a unique leisure based attraction for locals and visitors

  • Create opportunities for live work facilities

  • Enhance the scale of the setting of the development of the harbour with the town

  • Create a more attractive public realm


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